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Deep Cleaning You Can See and Feel

Deep cleaning gives your home extra attention from top-to-bottom and covers all of the areas that do not need to be touched on a frequent basis. From the baseboards to the ceiling fan blades and everything in between, deep cleaning gives you an immaculate home and is a great supplement to regular cleaning services.


Deep Cleaning Service That Covers All the Bases

You can schedule a one-time deep cleaning service with us, or you can schedule deep cleaning service in between the regular cleaning services that we provide. Regardless of how you use our deep cleaning services, you can feel confident that we will cover all of the bases for you. Our services are tailored specifically to meet your needs and to cover all of the features in your unique home. Some of our services may include:

  • Cleaning all glass surfaces, including picture frames and mirrors
  • Deep cleaning showers, tubs and other bathroom features
  • Dusting lampshades
  • Cleaning light switch and power outlet faceplates
  • Vacuuming the top of your drapes or window treatments
  • Cleaning ceiling fan blades, air vents and light fixtures
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of appliances (extra)
  • Wiping handprints and other smudges off of walls and doors
  • Wiping down doorknobs

When to Schedule Deep Cleaning Service

At Mama Rose, we suggest taking advantage of this beneficial service on a monthly basis. By doing so, you can ensure that your family’s living environment is truly immaculate. If your home has not received a detailed cleaning within the last month, now is the ideal time to schedule services.  

Another occasion our customers can consider scheduling a deep cleaning is before hosting a big event at their home or when they are expecting overnight houseguests. When you are preparing for guests, you may not have the time or energy available to focus on all of the fine details throughout your home that require your attention. You can easily put our team to work for you to get the pristine home that the occasion calls for.

What Does Our Service Include

Bedroom, Living Room and Common Areas




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